President:Kohei Yamanaka

Foster an integral person like water.

An owner of the school is called Yamanaka Educational Institution which also operates Josuikan Junior High / High schools. These schools are well known in Hiroshima prefecture for its high advancement rate. The school has a friendship circle inside for international students, and is providing plenty of international exchange opportunities with local residents and companies. As President Yamanaka says that they aim to draw students’ potential out and to foster active human resources on the world stage, students are able to acquire cross-cultural understanding besides learning Japanese language here. Preparatory course is also available and if it’s needed you can have personal lessons or interview preparation to go on to university or graduate school. Both expenses for living and boarding fee are inexpensive here, the other circumstances are also favorable for international students to concentrate on study.

Basic Information
Address 5-8-15 Miyaoki, Mihara-Shi, Hiroshima 723-0016 JAPAN
Tel +81-848-64-1146
Access From The Nearest Stastion

20 minutes walk from Mihara Station, JR Sanyo Main Line

Fax +81-848-62-7194
Website http://mialweb.ddo.jp/mial
Qualifications for Application Who completed the 12-year course of study or compare with it
Requirements for Admission Screening the application documents, personal and guarantor interviews and paper test(s)
Official Courses
Name of a Course Target Course Term Total Hours of Classes Total Weeks of the Course New School Term Payments(Yen)
Examination Fee Admission Fee Tuition for a Year Others Total Costs for a Year
Basic 1-year Course comprehensive 1 year 816 34 April 20,000 60,000 500,000 95,000 675,000
Bridging 1-year Course go on to college 1 year 816 34 April 20,000 60,000 500,000 95,000 675,000
Bridging 1.5-year Course go on to college 1 year 6 months 1,224 51 Oct 20,000 60,000 750,000 125,000 955,000

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